Android Device Farm using Open STF

Android Device Farm has been created using the Open STF in which three different mobile devices connected in USB Hub and controlled using the web browser.

STF (Smartphone Test Farm) is a web application for debugging smartphones, smartwatches and other gadgets remotely, from the comfort of your web browser. You can use this device farm to perform testing in your organisation. Instead of taking the physical devices by the developers or testers, they can utilise this STF(Smartphone Test Farm) and start development/testing using the web browser in their machines.

Three different Motorola smartphones such as Moto G5 Plus, Moto E 2nd Gen and Moto E3 Power connected in the Mac OS X using the USB HUB with four ports.

Please find the below URL to Install and configure the Open STF in your machine;

Run the stf in the Mac OS X machine using the below command after installation;

stf local –public-ip <your_internal_network_ip_here>

Accessed all the Android devices using the web browser available in another Windows x64 machine. Please note both the machines connected in the same network. If you want to connect from different network, you should opt for public IP before hosting the STF application. IP Address:7100 is used to access the connected physical device in another machine.


Please find the below screenshot of Device Farm dashboard for your reference;



Please find the below screenshot of Mac OS X terminal window in which RethinkDB and STF application is running;


Please find the below Hands-on video with voice-over about the Open STF usage including the physical connectivity in the Mac OS X and Windows x64 machines;


Thank you!!!

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