Customization of HTML Report for Cucumber specific Test Results

We have seen the cucumber integration with Appium and Junit in my previous posting but the test results was shown in the raw format. Now I want to customize the cucumber specific test reports in the Junit part using the open source utility.

Before get in to the HTML report customization in Cucumber implementation, I would like to thank Mr. Anshoo Arora and Mr. VimalRaj Selvam for their contribution in github to make it happen. I have used their github contributed jar files to implement the fantastic HTML based test reports for easy understanding. Acceptance testing report is going to be published with the help of the below github contributors jar files, which is again an open source.

GitHub Repositories for your future reference;

Steps to follow;

  1. Download the reports supporting jar files from the below URL’s;

  1. Map all the downloaded jars in the Java build path in eclipse(Refer below list);




Now coming to Junit class and add the below code snippet for visualizing the advanced HTML reports;  You will be adding the plugin details in the cucumber options and call the formatter method and configuration xml file for report format. extent-config.xml file was downloaded from the URL with the supporting jars.


That’s it, start executing the script in Junit class as stated below;


Report will be generated in the output folder associated with the target project location;

Please find the below test reports for your understanding.




You can change the layout and features in the extent-config.xml file downloaded from the URL 🙂


2 thoughts on “Customization of HTML Report for Cucumber specific Test Results

  1. I tried with your solution and it worked for me successfully.
    Thanks a lot as i was searching for solution for generating report from long time and i got the solution through you.


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